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PWK Private Wealth Advisers

Helping successful people achieve, and maintain, financial independence.

PWK Private Wealth Advisers is an independently owned wealth advisory firm. We work with successful people at different stages of their lives and provide them with the expert strategic financial advice they require to achieve, or maintain, financial independence.

Our clients want to take control of their financial future and we help them achieve this goal. By leveraging our expertise to create and implement a strategic financial roadmap we can assist them to protect, grow and manage their wealth.  

"Engaging a financial planner to manage your financial investments requires enormous trust. Our adviser has taken the time to genuinely understand our financial goals and works with us to achieve what we want to achieve. He takes a very proactive role in managing our wealth and he keeps us constantly informed. We trust him 100% and the results tell the story."

Founder, Hans Smallgoods

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