PWK Private Wealth is a privately owned wealth advisory firm founded by Clem Piscitelli. Clem and his team specialise in working with people who desire to be ‘financially independent’ and have the ability to self-fund their lifestyle either at, or before, retirement. The firm was founded on 3 core characteristics;

Specialist Expertise
With extensive experience in working exclusively with successful clients we understand intimately the complex issues they face, and the strategies they require. This allows us to be materially more comprehensive and effective in the advice offered.

Client First
We place the interest of the client first, at all times acting honestly and with utmost good faith. Our clients as do we place great value in the development of long-term relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

Outcome Focus
An absolute focus on strategic, high quality planning advice that uses the concept of achieving and managing financial independence as the central goal and outcome for all clients. This concept and how we plan for you to achieve it is what makes us different to everyone else.


Who are you?
Passionate about what you do, you are successful and have worked hard to get where you are. With above average earnings and/or savings you have the ability to be financially independent over time. Typically you may be within one of the following categories;

• Professionals, including partners in professional service firms (e.g. law, accounting, IT);
• Medical specialists (e.g. doctors, dentists, pharmacists);
• Self-employed small to medium business owners;
• Family estates or beneficiaries of lump sum settlements/inheritances;
• Self-funded or retired individuals; or
• Corporate executives and senior government employees.


Whilst our clients come from all walks of life they share a very clear set of common attributes.
They not only have the ability, but also the genuine desire, to be financially independent.
They also;

  • recognise that they need professional advice to achieve their goals;
  • are time poor and willing to delegate the management of their financial affairs;
  • are looking for an adviser who can provide answers to their financial questions; and
  • are willing to pay for the value that quality advice can add to their affairs.

If this sounds like you, we can help you achieve your goals.