Typically you may be within one of the following categories;

• Professionals, including partners in professional service firms (e.g. law, accounting , IT);
• Medical specialists (e.g. doctors, dentists, pharmacists);
• Self-employed small to medium business owners;
• Family estates or beneficiaries of lump sum settlements/inheritances;
• Self-funded or retired individuals; or
• Corporate executives and senior government employees.

Your Attributes

Whilst our clients come from all walks of life they share a very clear set of common attributes.
They not only have the ability, but also the genuine desire, to be financially independent.
They also;

  • recognise that they need professional advice to achieve their goals;
  • are time poor and willing to delegate the management of their financial affairs;
  • are looking for an adviser who can provide answers to their financial questions; and
  • are willing to pay for the value that quality advice can add to their affairs.

If this sounds like you, we can help you achieve your goals.